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You were easy to find.

2008-04-24 05:37:53 by milfreds ?showuser=802

what was that about you and fleek? and DavidZX?

are you really from singapore?

what WAS you favrouite fictional character?


dec 2 1994?

are you so sad that you want to make it on the penta list?

i think you are.

you and all your friends over at jmtb02.

it's alright. I won't give up on you. I'm real close.


2008-04-24 04:40:22 by milfreds


uber betty?


what's the matter, betty?

got scared?

i'm real close. So tell me, who WAS your favourite high school teacher? Did he make you cry?

hacked, bitch!

2008-04-10 03:25:39 by milfreds

The person who uses this account is a lonely, sad person.

he just got hacked.

oh, glory. now maybe he'll leave everyone alone?

no, probably not.

because he has the mental maturity of a sack of shit.

and looks like one too.

hacked, bitch!